want a keyboard built for you?
you've come to the right place!
hello! welcome to the site, take a nice look around and take a seat. now you're probably wondering what is this, how'd i get here and why am i watching some guy lube a keyboard, now i can only answer the first question. this is keebs by frosty. a place where you can have a luxurious typing experience made up to your tastes and on a budget. now what are you doing? contact me!

$15 for any keyboard assembly, includes soldering of full board and clipping + lubing of stabilizers $0.50/switch lubed (provided by you) $0.70/switch lubed with my lube (if i do not have the lube in stock you must provide it) $0.50/switch millmax sockets (provided by you) $0.10/switch filmed (provided by you) All shipping and related costs must be paid by you